Welcoming Notes

Simon Leunig
Professor Simon Leunig
Pro Vice Chancellor/President/
Chief Executive
Curtin University, Malaysia

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Curtin University Malaysia, Curtin University’s largest global campus established in partnership with the Sarawak State Government in 1999.

As part of a leading global university transforming lives and communities through education and research, we offer students from over 50 different countries a quality Australian education and truly international and cross-cultural learning experience in a unique Malaysian, and specifically Borneo experience. Internationally recruited teaching staff from over 15 nations further strengthen our international focus.

Students and staff joining us are warmly welcomed into a dynamic campus community committed to educational and research excellence and innovation, cultural awareness and inclusiveness, and serving our local communities. Inevitably, this not only adds a rich and valuable dimension to our campus atmosphere, but also prepares our graduates to live and work in an increasingly global environment.

The wide range of courses in various disciplines at pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate levels that we offer are practical and industry-focused, and in most instances, identical in structure to those at our main campus. As timing and delivery are also identical, an in line with the University’s ‘One Curtin’ approach, our students have the option to transfer to other Curtin campuses at any time during their undergraduate years for short study, student exchange, or to complete their degrees.

The ‘One Curtin’ model also means well-integrated delivery of course units using technology-rich learning environments and the latest learning and teaching technologies like distributed learning for greater student engagement and real-time interaction between students and staff across campuses.

As you can see, Curtin Malaysia is a vibrant international institution with an exciting future and I invite you to join us on our exciting journey forward.

Beena Giridharan
Professor Beena Giridharan
Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor
Curtin University, Malaysia

Welcome to Curtin Malaysia. I congratulate you on achieving the very important milestone of gaining entrance to the University, but now the hard work begins.

I am sure you will enjoy your time with us at Curtin Malaysia and all the exciting options we offer to students.

There are many aspects to university life. Firstly, the academic life. It is important that you develop good study habits, work closely with your lecturers and tutors and the most importantly that you attend class.

Please do not be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance from staff as necessary. We are here to serve you.

A second, equally important facet of the university is the social aspect. This is the time in your life where you have an opportunity to make life-long friends and develop strong bonds and relationships. Our campus offers a very dynamic student lifestyle with a wide range of activities and clubs for students. Please avail yourself of these opportunities.

Our campus draws students and staff from all over the world and therefore has a very global outlook. Enjoy this multicultural facet of the University as it is not only interesting but will help you prepare to live and work in a global environment in the future. Again, let me congratulate you on your acceptance into Curtin Malaysia and I wish you all the best in your studies and future career.

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