The Orientation Leaders are a team of friendly and vibrant students that runs the Orientation Week (O-Week). These students are the first faces that all new Curtin Malaysia students will see upon arriving on campus for O-Week! Orientation Leaders goals’ are to make sure the new students feel welcome during their first week on campus and to assist with the new students’ registration process.




The main benefit of being an Orientation Leader is that the students get training, certification and education that contribute to Professional Development that is advantageous in their future careers.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Receive official recognition of your participation through Curtin Extra Certificate.
  • A chance to improve your employability. Looks great on your résumé!
  • Be an official representative of Curtin Malaysia University Life.
  • Gain social and academic networking opportunities with fellow students and Curtin Staff.
  • Be part of a diverse and motivated team.
  • A boost in your communication skills and in your confidence!



Any student passionate about helping students to have an amazing first week university experience and looking to build their professionalism is encouraged to join. The student must have great people-skills and an outgoing personality. The student must also be a current, enrolled Curtin Malaysia student with relevant university life experience.


Meet our 2021 Orientation Leaders!




Course: Chemical engineering. 2nd year
Sport: Dodge ball
Quote: Every moment is a memory made so cherish them dearly.





Course/year: Mechanical Engineering 3rd year 2nd sem
Clubs: –
Hobbies: I like playing basketball, gym, playing video games and sleep
Quote: you don’t have to be sorry for prioritising yourself



Course/year: finance and management Y1S2
Clubs: –
Hobbies: I like to dance
Quote: “I prayed to God that I will never fall again, drowning under pressure what comes after my insanity, dreams that stabbed my back brought me back into reality”




Course: Mass Communication 2nd year 1st sem
Clubs: Music Club & Cubing club
Hobbies: Eating, putting on weird makeup to freak my dogs out
Quote: if you’re reading this, I’m hungry.




Course: mechanical engineering/ y4s1
Clubs: dodgeball club
Hobbies: sleeping
Quotes: the more I smile, the lesser I see



Course/year: Accounting and Finance, 2nd year 1st Sem
Clubs: Netball Club
Hobbies: Reading and singing
Quote: If you survived 2020, you can survive anything



Course/year: Mechanical Engineering/ Y3S2
Clubs: IMechE
Hobbies: lifting weights/ jogging/ tinkering
Quote: quote “Do good, die




Course/year: Mechanical Eng. Y3S2
Clubs: Curtin Tigers Club, Curtin Grizzlies Club, Curtin Coyotes Club, iMeche,
Hobbies: Do sports, collect stuff, listen more than talk
Quote: If you don’t succeed the first time, never put lime in your eyes because cats are cute.
I’d have a better quote if I was a writer




Course/year: Mechanical Engineering Y3S2
Clubs: iMehcE, Curtin Theatre Arts club, Curtin Taekwondo club, Curtin Jpop club
Hobbies: Performing arts, martial arts, video games
Quote: If life gives you lemons, make orange juice



Course/year: Mechanical engineering. 2nd year 2nd sem
Clubs: Curtin art & Dance club. Curtin bowling club
Hobbies: working out. Frisbee. Futsal
Quote: Grind like you’ve got no calves

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