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For Students

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Orientation is seen as a compulsory activity for all new-to-Curtin students. Therefore, failing to attend Orientation means you will miss out on essential information about your units and the Campus.

For students who miss orientation due to unforeseen circumstances, please see information on “Missed Orientation”. Please collect your Orientation Welcome Pack from the Student Experience Office at Ground Floor, Prinia 1.

Help is just one step away! Please contact the Orientation Staff Team at +6085 630 100 ext:2711 or email to StudentExperience@curtin.edu.my

Support is always offered in Curtin Malaysia! The Office of Learning and Teaching provides a platform for students to address various learning difficulties. You can send in your enquiry to olt@curtin.edu.my

Each of our Faculties are also available to help you out throughout your years of studies. Click the link below to access the information that they provide!

For Parents

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Some students adjust very well to the university environment. Others may feel like a fish out of water. Similarly, some adapt easily to new learning methods while others find the lack of close monitoring of their progress and completion of tasks surprising. They will soon realise that they have much more control over their studies than they did in school.

Initially, your student may need a fair amount of support and encouragement. Try to put them at ease and assure them that moving away from the security of the school system is an essential transition to independent learning. Curtin Malaysia is an ideal and supportive place to exercise and experiment with this freedom. Allow your student to explore their own methods of time management and self-motivation that they will need to develop throughout their studies and guide them wherever possible.

Encourage your student to seek advice from within the University if they have specific issues that need attention.